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sunday post

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What I’ve been up to?

This post is for 2 Weeks as last week I was in Alabama at a wedding and didn’t post a Sunday Post last week.

The Wedding:

I spent 6 days in Huntsville, Alabama to attend my Niece’s wedding, and it was a wonderful time! It was a great time for our family to gather and celebrate my Niece’s new life. Our days went like this: A long leisurely breakfast with family — a short break — a long leisurely lunch with family — a short break — and a long leisurely dinner with family! In between, we visited the Space and Rocket Center and attended a beautiful and fun wedding. And we had some delicious southern and soul food.

Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville
Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville.

It was a lovely week, and I got to spend quality time with my family, especially my 2 grand nieces ages 18 months and 6 months (sisters!). The wedding was beautiful and it was so heartwarming to see my niece and her new husband so happy. There wasn’t any drama, and I can’t remember seeing so many happy people all in one place.

Snow, Snow, and more Snow!!

Just before we left for Alabama we got 12″ of snow!! And then after we got back we got a blizzard with a few more inches of snow and 60mph wind gusts. Then on Thursday evening, another 3″ of snow. And we’re supposed to get another snowstorm Saturday night (last night as you read this). Plus there are 2 more snowstorms scheduled for next week! I had to find a break between storms to find a time to pick up groceries.

Other News:

Next week, I’ll be heading to Southern California to help my sister recover from knee surgery. I’ll be so happy to escape all this snow!

Also, I’ve been having blog issues, especially with comments. I’ve been playing whack-a-mole with my website! Once I get one error resolved others keep popping up! So, if you see something wonky, please go ahead and let me know. I’m still working on things, but I hope to get it all resolved soon.

Last week I read:

I didn’t read much when I was away. This list is for the last 2 weeks. My favorites were Off The Map and Go As a River. The others were excellent as well.


All three of these audiobooks were outstanding! I loved all of them.

Next week I hope to get to:

I don’t expect to read much next week as I’ll be helping my sister. But, I have a long drive to California, so I should get some audiobooks done.

On the Blog Last Week:

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On the Blog Next Week:

Monday: Book Review: The Neighbor Favor by Kristina Forest
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday
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Have you read any of these books? What are you hoping to read this next week? What have you been up to last week? Comment below!

57 responses to “Sunday Post #77

  1. I’m reading this a week late because for some reason, I just can’t keep up. It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Alabama with family. That is the best way to spend time, with family. Wow, that is a lot of snow. I am assuming you are in California now and even they got snow. I hope you loved Remarkably Bright Creatures if you have read it. It was one of my favourites for 2022.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful week away. Good luck with your sister’s recovery. We also had a lot of snow, but not quite that much. It’s sunny today. I’ve really enjoyed the Veronica Speedwell series. Have a great week.

  3. A local friend of mine just recommended Remarkably Bright Creatures. Hope you enjoy it as much as she did! And I’m curious what you will think of The Queen’s Price. It’s very fantasy. I love that you’re branching out. Glad you had a wonderful time in Alabama! Can’t believe you have so much snow. We’ve been having spring weather here. Have a great week!

  4. So glad you had a great time with family at your niece’s wedding… and air and space museums are always so very out of the world!! All the books you have featured are so very appealing . (thankfully a few of them are already on my TBR so will be adding ‘only’ the rest of them).. Here is hoping SoCal gets warmer (as it has been snowing all over California (very unusual for us in the bay area and also in SoCal this past few days)…

  5. I love visiting air and space museums and other types of science museums in general. Looks like you had a nice week in Alabama with a lot of good food. Nice to hear your niece’s wedding turned out well. We’ve had snow, snow and more snow (still snowing) and we’re getting more. No winds though, thankfully.

    Long car rides are wonderful for audio books. I’m looking forward to Off the Map. Hope you enjoy your time in SoCal while taking care of your sister.

  6. You were near me! I live in Huntsville! I’m glad you had good weather while you were here and that you had a good trip! Have a great week!

  7. I am glad you had such a great time in Huntsville and at the wedding! Although I haven’t gotten snow where I am, it is a lot lower than usual and come close. The rain has been nonstop though. I hope you are staying warm. I hope you have a safe drive home and enjoy your audiobooks!

  8. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time on your Southern trip. There is nothing quite like Southern cooking and hospitality. I would have been scared to return home through all that snow, but you clearly made it safely. Enjoy your warm time in CA. I hope the surgery and recovery are both smooth as can be!

  9. Could you please ask your sister to reschedule her surgery for next month and then me and you and Marilyn can drive to SoCal together? LOL Just kidding. Hope everything goes as smoothly for her surgery as it did for the whole wedding trip!!!! Sounds like a great time, all the leisurely meals with fun stuff in between!

  10. Yay for travels and a good time at the wedding! That is a lot of snow. We (in Ohio) are apparently having a milder winter, but March is a crap shoot, you never know what you are going to get. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  11. Sounds like you had a fabulous time in Alabama, Wendy – congrats to your niece! I’m guessing you’re getting pretty sick of snow by now, lol.

  12. Your trip sounds lovely and perfect! You guys have been getting tons of snow and I hear California has been getting a lot too! Hopefully not the part you’re visiting to help your sister. People don’t understand how nice long drives are when you listen to audiobooks. I invited my mom to go with me to a library conference in April so she can just relax and have some time away from my stepdad now that they’re both retired and I know she’ll need it. But I’ll miss the audiobook time I get on the way there and back. Hope you have a good week!

  13. Sounds like you had the perfect time in Alabama Wendy! Have a lovely trip to California and I hope your sisters surgery goes well. Enjoy your Sunday and good luck with your traveling!🤗⛄☕📚💜

  14. I’m glad you had a great visit in Alabama, it sounds wonderful. And cool rocket pics! Wow, that’s alot of snow, Happy travels to California and happy reading!

  15. I’m glad you had a great stay making new memories in Alabama! Oh no about your blog – how frustrating for you. We got snow overnight but hopefully it will go away soon as the temperatures warm up later today. I think Southern California got some of the white stuff too! Have a wonderful week ahead.

  16. I definitely don’t envy you with all of that snow. Your website comments certainly aren’t quite right at the moment as i’m typing into a very small space. I really loved No life for a Lady and Nightingale too. Enjoy your trip to California.

  17. Jenny+McClinton

    Glad you had a lovely time at the wedding and a lovely time in Alabama, hope you a have a great week this week 💕