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sunday post

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What I’ve been up to…RAIN!

First, I want to say that I’m not complaining. Anyone who lives in Arizona welcomes rain even when it’s a lot! And I know so much of the world is suffering from drought and excessive heat right now.

We’ve had rain almost every day since the beginning of July. We’ve had so much rain, and the weeds are out of control. I’ll be mowing again this weekend, which means more time for audiobooks.

Sadly, many of our neighbors have had severe flooding, and our highway nearby has had to close for several hours many times this summer as they clear all the water from the road. And, there’s more rain in the forecast.


Turkey news: Earlier this year our female turkey hatched 5 baby chicks. Sadly only 2 survived and they are doing great! We originally thought they were baby chickens, but now they are bigger, we know they are actually turkey chicks. Mrs. Turkey (mother) is doing a great job teaching them to find food and whatever else they need to know. And Mr. Tom (father) is doing a great job protecting them from aerial attacks (ravens, hawks, and vultures).

Mrs. Turkey and babies on the fence
The turkeys sleep on the roof of the chicken coop. You can see the Mother and 2 babies on the right, and Mr. Tom on the left.

Our youngest dog, Balto, a husky, has been quite a troublemaker (chewing, getting loose, harasing the chickens, stealing food off the table, etc.), but he finally seems to be settling down just a bit. Here he is chilling in his chair. He’s a troublemaker, but also a sweetie 🙂

Balto relaxing

Last week I read:

I had a good week of reading, and l listened to two audiobooks. They were all very good. The standouts were Ten Years and A Man Called Ove.

Next week I hope to get to:

What I Watched:

I enjoyed this newest movie of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I loved the settings and costumes and liked the way Anne would sometimes talk to the audience.

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On the Blog Next Week:

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Have you read any of these books? What are you hoping to read this next week? What have you been up to last week? Comment below!

65 responses to “Sunday Post #54

  1. Your animals are adorable! Do you name your turkeys? My brother and sister-in-law like to give their chickens punny names like Hennifer. 😀

    I wish you could send some of that rain to Ontario. We sorely need it. Hehe.

  2. A lot of your weeds look like native plants. They’re great for the bees and the butterflies! 🐝🦋

    The turkeys are fab. I love how they perch on the hen house. 😊

    Puppers. 🤗

    I hope you’ve been having a great week. I’m a bit late on my rounds. ☀

  3. Jenny+McClinton

    We keep getting told we will have rain, but not a lot yet, we are supposed to have it next week when the kids go back to school. Good luck with the Turkey Chicks 😊 Glad you enjoyed Ten Years 💕

  4. Seems like it’s feast or famine with rain sometimes. Some areas end up flooded while others remain in a drought. Too bad we can’t send it where it’s needed! I didn’t realize that Dakota Johnson did an Austen adaptation. Interesting. I’ll have to look for it on Netflix.

  5. Aww Balto does look like a lovable troublemaker! Azula definitey gets up to some mischief as well but she’s such a sweet snuggle pup when she wants to be.

    Hope you enjoy Thank You For Listening when you get to it. I’m listening to that one right now!

  6. Clearly I am someone who has never lived in a flooded area. How do they get rid of the water? I thought you just had to wait for it to gradually be absorbed or flow off. Your Balto is beautiful, if mischievous!

    • For the highway, they get the big graders out and try to push the water off the road. Balto is a sweet and beautiful dog, but trouble sure follows him around!

    • Thank you, Anne. It’s a bit humid here because of the rain, but nothing like other parts of the country. It’s Arizona after all!

  7. Since my kittens have had their tower to climb on, I don’t think we’ve had any real rain, except for a few drops. I’m looking forward to them looking at the rain…and the snow in the winter from the top shelf of their tower. I think they’ll love the view, especially Bell. I enjoyed reading your animal updates. Troublemaker, but also a sweetie sounds exactly like my Fiona. I am constantly rolling my eyes at her. Lol. :-))) I wish I could speed read. There are so many books I want to read, like right now. LOL. Nicholas Sparks books are on that list. Have a great week!

  8. I love the look of your weeds! I’ve been weeding our front yard because all the watering we’ve been doing has then sprouting up big time and they are the pretty ones you have! They’re the spiky, full of needles kind that I have to wear thick suede garden gloves so I don’t get poked. Wow, you’ve been getting a ton of rain! That’s amazing. Those turkeys are so lovely! My daughter has a ton of wild turkeys always turkey-ing about and I love them. They gobble from their perches in the oak trees when the sun start rising, like a rooster but not as annoying. The babies are adorable! So cute on your barn roof!

  9. Aww Balto is adorable! My dog’s best friend is a husky down the street who looks similar to Balto. I’m not sure that dog knows he’s my dog’s best friend but it makes my dog happy every time we walk by. Enjoy your reading and have a great week!

  10. We’ve been getting a fair amount of rain this summer. I haven’t heard any complaints about the lake level being low and usually that’s a big thing in the summer. And baby turkeys!!! I love your little turkey family and Balto is so cute. 😍 ❤️ 😍

  11. You had a great reading week! I enjoy Ove too and I have the Orphans book but I’m not ready to read it quite yet – I have to finish a couple other ARCs that are about to reach their publish date so I feel obligated to get them done. Somehow in spite of my best intentions to read the books EARLY, I frequently find myself finishing on publication date. Sigh. Just too many books!!! 🙂 Thanks for the visitis.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

    • It’s hard to keep reading ahead of time. I got some good reading time in the last few weeks so I was able to get a bit ahead, but that will change soon I’m sure.

  12. Wow you ARE getting a lot of rain! Yikes.

    That’s funny the turkeys sleep on the roof. I had no idea they did that!

    Persuasion looks fun! I tend to like those Austen adaptations even though I’ve never read her. Will have to check that out- I’ve been looking for something new to watch on netflix!

  13. Love the pictures of your farm! The turkey chicks are so cute! Balto is a handsome boy, isn’t he? Sorry about the flooding. Rain is great, but there is such a thing as too much. I hope it stops soon.

  14. Oh Yikes! 20 books of summer IS almost over, isn’t it?! Well, I failed, LOL. I read more than 20 books this summer, just not the 20 I put on my list, LOL.

  15. Aw, Balto is adorable!! And how fun to have turkey chicks! We haven’t had much rain at all here, have had a bit of a drought, but that was nice for not having to mow as much the past month. Although we got a little rain last night and early this morning. I’m just ready for the upper 80 and 90 degree weather to go away. The Make Up Test is on my TBR, I hope to read it. Hope you enjoy your books this week!

  16. Sorry you’re having so much trouble because of the rain. The weather just seems to be getting more and more out of control.
    I love your photos and Balto is gorgeous 🐕💕

  17. What a fun post Wendy! I’m sorry to hear it’s still raining and causing concern for some of your neighbors. I love the turkey information and photos! I’m also listening to Thank You for Listening right now. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  18. Thank you for sharing all of your pictures Wendy. Balto is so adorable. Have a wonderful week of reading, good luck with those weeds and Happy Sunday 💕💕

  19. Looks like a great week of reading, Wendy. Sorry about the chicks that were lost, but Mrs Turkey and the babies look great, and I love Balto!