Ten Years by Pernille Hughes Read-a-long! #TenYearsReadalong

Posted August 22, 2022 by WendyW in bookblogger, New Release, Uncategorized / 31 Comments

Starting today, I’ll be participating in the One More Chapter Readalong for Ten Years by Pernille Hughes.

Have you ever participated in a Readalong? Do you like them? This is my first!

31 responses to “Ten Years by Pernille Hughes Read-a-long! #TenYearsReadalong

  1. I’ve not done a readalong like this. I have just done my first buddy read with my sister and cousin which was good. I don’t think I could keep to a schedule like the one above as I have a 4 year old who keeps me on my toes at all times. That and I am in the UK so there will be all sorts of time differences!

    I hope you enjoy it, it looks fun.

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog

  2. Oh what fun. Hope you enjoy it Wendy🙂🙂 I participated in a Dickens readalong last year which was a fixed number if chapters a week. I did fall behind once, but it was fun nonetheless.

    • It’s fun so far. I’m having trouble stopping reading at a certain point. I just want to binge and finish the book!

  3. Jenny+McClinton

    I haven’t done a read along before, not sure if I could stick to reading only a certain amount. Hope it goes well & you enjoy the book 💕

  4. I have participated in a read-along for a series that took place over the year with Anne @Books of My Heart and it was fun. Hope you enjoy it!

  5. I haven’t done a readalong. The closest I have participated in is a book club. It is a small group of friends (6), and we started it during the lockdown. I was thankful for it then, and we all continue to enjoy it to this day. I’ll be interested in how it goes for you.

  6. I hope you enjoy the read along, Wendy. I have been invited before, but not accepted yet. I am curious to hear how it goes.

    • It’s kind of fun so far. It’s hard for me to “only” read a few pages a day, as I just want to get it finished and find out what happens. But, I don’t want to read ahead too much either!

  7. I’ve never done a read-a-long but I have done a couple buddy reads with blogger friends. I can’t say they’ve really worked for me because apparently everyone reads about 10X faster than I do. LOL Enjoy your read-a-long!