Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Books That I’m Sweet On.

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Today’s Top 10: Ten Books That I’m Sweet On

Today’s topic is supposed to be Favorite Words but, I just can’t think of any favorite words, so, since it’s close to Halloween, and my favorite part of Halloween is all the sweets around, I did Ten Books That I’m Sweet On (books that feature sweet treats!)

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1. The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie. This book includes a recipe for Lemon Drop Pie!

2. Mad Honey by Jodie Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan. Honey! And recipes featuring honey are inside the book. I’m especially interested in the recipe for Queen Bee Cocktail.

3. Once Upon a December by Amy E. Reichert. The main character, Jack, works in his family’s bakery in the Christmas market, his specialty is Kringle (a danish pastry) Yum!

4. Snowed in for Christmas by Sarah Morgan. The main character, Ross’s family has a shortbread company called Glen Shortbread.

5. When in Rome by Sarah Adams. The main character, Noah, works took over his grandmother’s pie shop.

6. The Frederick Sisters are Living the Dream by Jeanie Zusy. The main character Ginny overdoes on strawberry Jello.

7. Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. When things get bad, nothing helps as much as Chocolate Tipsy Cake.

8. Fake it Till You Bake it by Jamie Wesley. Former NFL player Donovan Dell started his own cupcake bakery.

9. Lizzy Blake’s Best Mistake by Mazey Eddings. Lizzy Blake is a pastry baker and dreams of selling french pastires.

10. Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson. The entire book is about Eleanor Bennett’s black cake recipe.

Do you enjoy books that feature sweets? Do you know of any other books that feature sweets? Comment below!

66 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Books That I’m Sweet On.

  1. What a great topic and the food pictures are mouth watering! The only one I’ve read is Snowed in for Christmas and I craved shortbread the entire read!

  2. That is such a wonderful detour from this week’s theme, or rather, totally drool-worthy detour and now I am hungry.. I have only read a couple of these books so now I have so many to feed on 🙂

  3. Oh, my! What a great idea to post a picture of the desert with the book cover. I think I may have gained a few pounds just looking at the photographs!

  4. I love the idea for this list Wendy and some great choices. The only one I could think of was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which I love but wouldn’t be able to come up with any more 😂

  5. I love this twist so much! And now I’m super hungry!
    Black Cake was exceptional and the whole time I kept picturing it while reading the novel!

  6. Oh my gosh! What a great pivot. I have to say, though, that I hate reading books with food in them because it makes me SOOOO hungry, especially for desserts and I need those like I need another hole in my head, lol. I still read books with food in them, though, because I can’t resist.

    My TTT

  7. I love that first cover! And Snowed in for Christmas as well. that blue door gets me every time. Shortbread doesn’t hurt as well! I love how you combined covers and food!