Top Ten Tuesday! Favorite Book Settings

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top ten Tuesday

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Today’s Top 10: My Favorite Books Settings

Two weeks ago I did a list of Small Town Setting (here) and then a week ago I did a post on Books set in Urban Settings (here). Today’s post is about my favorite book settings.

#1. Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult is partially set in the Galapagos Islands, and is one of my favorite books of 2021.

#2. Reawakened at the South Pole by Juliette Hyland is set in Antarctica. I’d like a short visit there!

#3. Complications by Danielle Steel is set in a fancy hotel in Paris!

#4. The Butler by Danielle Steel is set mostly in Paris and in London.

#5. The Meeting Point by Olivia Lara is set in Carmel on Sea, and after reading the book, I really want to visit there.

#6. Under a Sicilian Sky by Lisa Hobman. Sicily!

#7. A Vineyard Crossing by Jean Stone is set in Martha’s Vinyard, MA. I’d love to visit this historic island.

#8. The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan is set in Lapland, and after reading this book, I really would love to visit Lapland at Christmas time!

#9. Meet Me in London, takes place in London and has fun descriptions of the city.

#10. Going Greek by Sue Roberts is set in the Islands off the Greek Coast. set in Chicago! (and that song is once again stuck in my head!)

Do you enjoy books set in exotic locations? Comment below!

29 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Favorite Book Settings

  1. Great selection! I didn’t know the new Picoult was set on the Galapagos Islands! That has definitely made me curious now… Lapland during Christmas sounds wonderful. I’ve recently finished a book partly set in Antarctica (How The Penguins Saved Veronica) and it’s such a great setting!

    • Thank you Yvonne. I really can’t recommend Wish You Were here by Jodi Picoul enough! It’s definitely one of my best books of 2021

  2. The Galapagos islands would be neat, and the Greek coast as well with that last one. I love Greece as a setting.

  3. I love books set in exotic locales! Especially when I don’t have any real trips planned. It’s nice to know bookish travel is always an option when I’m stuck at home. 🙂

  4. Janette

    I love books set in places that I love like Sicily but also books in places that I am never likely to visit like Australia. Some lovely choices on this list.

  5. I have been to London, we lived in Greece…I love books set in Australia, it’s one of the places I’ve always wanted to go and we didn’t get a chance while living overseas.

  6. Yes, Yes and Yes. I would love to visit so many of these places, but might pass on Antarctica. I love your selections, Wendy.