Book Review: See Jane Snap by Bethany Crandell

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See Jane Snap
See Jane Snap
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by Bethany Crandell
Publication Date September 7, 2021
Published by Amazon Publishing
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Genres: Fiction / Family Life / Marriage & Divorce, Fiction / Humorous / General, Fiction / Women
Pages: 336
Format: ARC

Handsome, successful husband. Adorable daughter. Chairwoman of the PTA. Security for her ailing mom. Jane's got everything life has to offer. Including the lie that could destroy it all.

See Jane smile. Thirty-nine-year-old Jane Osborne appears to the world like she has a charmed life. Her daughter attends private school. Jane chairs the PTA. Even her marriage to Dan, the handsome, prominent surgeon, is blissfully happy. Her universe is stable, and her future is fixed...just like that smile. Because it's all a ruse. Unbeknownst to anyone, after eighteen years of marriage, Dan's revealed that he's been living a double life and is in love with a man. But for the sake of his career, Jane must keep that secret, secret.

See Jane lie. With their livelihood on the line, Jane agrees to maintain appearances. But soon the weight of Dan's deception and the pain of his betrayal get the better of her. Something's got to give.

See Jane snap. Quite publicly. And a bit unlawfully. With brutal honesty, Jane must confront her choices head-on and determine--for herself--if the facade of stability she's been protecting is worth the price of her own sanity and happiness.

My Review:

This is a fun book about a woman who has a lot of stress and snaps.  But, it’s when she snaps, that she starts to figure out how to deal with her life in a more constructive way.  

Jane Osborne is the wife of a very successful, prominent surgeon.  She’s on every fundraising committee in the hospital and her daughter’s private school.  She’s happily married until Dan, her husband tells her he’s gay and has been having affairs with men throughout their 18-year marriage.  Now her daughter, Avery has been acting out in school, and her husband Dan, is forcing her to act like a happily married wife, so he can acquire the funding needed for the new hospital wing.  But Jane isn’t used to lying, especially to her friends and family.  

This is a cute, fast-paced book, where I just flew through the pages.  Jane is a relatable character, busy mom, busy wife, and a sister and mother who also need her, I think many of us can relate to her busy life, and her pressures.  Her husband Dan was not so relatable.  He has a secret life and believes his wife should stay by his side in order to save his career.  At least his wife is upset by his betrayal rather than his being a gay man, but his reluctance to come out to the world is a bit cringeworthy in this modern world.  

There are some wonderful side characters with lots of charm and quirkiness, plus some laugh-out-loud moments.  I found this a fun quick read, that I enjoyed immensely.  I received a complimentary copy of this book. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

13 responses to “Book Review: See Jane Snap by Bethany Crandell

  1. I’m already annoyed with the husband and I haven’t even read the book. Lol. So glad to hear you enjoyed it. Excellent review!

  2. Her husband sounds like a total jerk! I hope she found someone else, or at least some happiness without his sorry butt! Sounds like a fun read.