Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Traits I Love to See In Book Characters

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Today’s Top 10: Traits I Love to See In Book Characters

Today’s Top Ten topic is  Characters I’d Love An Update On (Where are they now that the book is over?) But, since that would be EVERY BOOK I’VE EVER READ, I decided on another topic. Top Ten Traits I Love to See in Book Characters.

#1. A sense of humor. I put this number one because if I can laugh while reading, I’m pretty happy.

#2. If a character cannot show empathy towards other characters, it’s a real turn off for me.

#3. Since I read a lot of romance, this is especially important to me. If you’re in a relationship when you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right then finish up that old relationship before you go any further. And if either one is married, that’s a big no in my book.

#4. Courage is so important to me. And not just the “I’ll jump off that cliff to save you” type of courage, but also moral courage to do the right thing.

#5. Nobody wants to read a book about a dull person. I want someone who has an interesting job, and interesting friends, or who has an interesting hobby.

#6. I like a passionate character. I don’t mean just romantic passion (although that is important too) but I love a character who is passionate about their job or hobby, or just passionate about life. .

#7. Toughness is especially important to me for heroines. I don’t want her cowering behind her man or friend. I want her to stand up for what she believes in.

#8. I enjoy books about normal people, with normal jobs. I’m not a huge fan of billionaires or mega stars as main characters in book. However there are exceptions if it’s done really well.

#9. I’m tired of flaky heroines, who can’t pay their bills on time, or can’t get to work on time. Responsibility is important for a well-rounded character in my opinion.

#10. I love animals in books, and if the main characters love animals too, that’s just perfect. I love an overexcited dog or a grumpy cat in a story. That doesn’t mean I’ve read lots of great books without animals, but I do like it when they do have animals in the story.

What are your most important character traits? Comment below!

17 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Traits I Love to See In Book Characters

  1. Great list, especially “responsible”. Flakes drive me crazy because they’re not mature enough for romantic relationships or competent enough to escape the killers so I just can’t.

  2. A sense of humor is always appreciated. I prefer characters with normal jobs too. It seems unrealistic that a “normal” woman would cross paths with a billionaire often enough to fall in love with him.

  3. Yes to all these traits! I also like when the heroine of a romance is a bit fiesty and has some pluck. Fun take on this week’s TTT. 🙂

    • Thank you Nick! I’m lucky to be able to have several pets, and they bring so much joy. I hope you’re in a situation soon where you’ll be able to get a pet.

  4. I love it when I can laugh while reading a book. It seems to draw me in even more.

    And yes, please, more realistic lives would be great to see! I get frustrated reading books about “perfect” people who go to the gym for like 2 hours a day, six days a week, work 40+ hours a week, volunteer at the animal shelter, AND spend Sundays with their grandparents. Oh, and they always look perfect!

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!