Top Ten Tuesday! Books With an Adjective In the Title

Posted March 22, 2022 by WendyW in Blogging, Bloglinks, Book Blog Meme, bookblogger / 58 Comments

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Today’s Top 10: Books With an Adjective In the Title

**It’s been a few decades since I was in an English class, so if I got any of these wrong, feel free to call me out in the comments, I won’t be embarrassed! **

  1. Beneath a Starless Sky by Tessa Harris

2. A Perfect Equation by Elizabeth Everett.

3. A Relative Murder by Jude Devereaux.

4. The Last Daughter of York by Nicola Cornick.

5. Her Last Affair by John Searles.

6. Aria’s Travelling Book Shop by Rebecca Rasin.

7. The Lost Secret of Ireland by Susanne O’Leary.

8. The White Girl by Tony Birch.

9. Winter Fires at Mill Grange by Jenny Kane.

10. The Marvelous Monroe Girls by Shirley Jump.

Can you think of any books with adjectives in the title? Comment below!

58 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Books With an Adjective In the Title

  1. I love your choices! These are all new books to me but I see several that look fantastic. This was a hard topic for me! I kind of had to remind myself what exactly an adjective was and I still felt like I had to double check!

  2. I definitely had to refresh my mind on what an adjective was – I’m still putting my list together (catching up on this week’s to-do’s slowly) and I’m not entirely convinced they’re all ‘right’ but… what can you do? LOL

  3. I think so many of us were doubting our ability to pick out adjectives this week! LOL English/grammar classes were a looong time ago, right? I’m surprised that I don’t recognize any of these that you shared. But there are some gorgeous covers that catch my eye!

  4. I could have sworn I already commented on your post; if I did, just delete this duplicate comment…

    You’re braver than I am when it comes to this week’s topic. These kinds of prompts give me anxiety since I have a degree in English and I’ve actually STUDIED this stuff BUT I’ve forgotten so much over the years and I don’t want to look dumb…I ended up going with a different topic altogether, just in case! Ugh. I need to be more like you and just go for it. Great list! I haven’t read any of these, but I ADORE the TRAVELING BOOKSHOP cover. So cute.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


    • That’s so funny, Susan. I thought I was the only one who wasn’t 100% sure what an adjective would be in a title.

  5. Jenny+McClinton

    A great looking list 😊 I always struggle when it comes to my daughters English work, I have to refresh the meaning of the terms each time 🤣

  6. Ha ha. You’re braver than I am! These kinds of prompts always have me overthinking things. Do I REALLY know what an adjective is?? I have a degree in English, but it’s been a long time since I’ve actually STUDIED things like parts of speech and I don’t want to get things wrong. I went with a whole different topic today, just to be safe 🙂

    Happy TTT!


  7. Janette

    I love this list and it’s reminded that I still have The Last Daughter of York on my TBR.