Top Ten Tuesday! Books that surprised me!

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Today’s Top 10: Books that surprised me!

I mixed up my topics for Top Ten. Last week I did Books I Still Haven’t Read, so this week I’m doing the Freebie from Last week. I decided to post about books that surprised me. When I read a book by a favorite author or a book that has a lot of buzz, I expect a wonderful book. So these books are by new-to-me authors or debut authors that I didn’t know anything about, so I really didn’t have any expectations, and then it turned out that I loved them!

1. A Thousand Miles by Bridget Morrissey. This had a lot more heart in it than I expected.

2. Our Little World by Karen Winn. This had a great mystery and a lot of nostalgia.

3. Every Summer After by Caley Fortune. This one was so emotional, and just a special book.

4. Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. When I requested this I had no idea it could be as good as it was. Quirky, different, and a bit nostalgic too. It was just amazing.

5. Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan. This book has some complex world-building and interesting characters and all done by a debut author.

6. A Certain Appeal by Vanessa King. I read this almost a year ago and still remember it really well. It’s cute, funny, diverse, and still has a lot of heart. (the cover is still ugly)

7. Some of It Was Real by Nan Fisher. I expected a cute light romance, but this book it had a wonderful mystery and I loved the writing.

8. Nora Goes Off Scrip by Annabel Monaghan. Hard to believe this heartwarming story is Ms. Monagah’s debut adult novel. It has heart and soul.

9. The White Girl by Tony Birch. This Australian historical novel was both easy to read and heartbreaking.

10. The Ones We Keep by Bobbie Jean Huff packed an emotional punch that had me loving this book.

Which books have surprised you? Have you read any of these books? Comment below!

61 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Books that surprised me!

  1. I love this topic! I haven’t read any of these but so many sound like books I would enjoy. I typically read pretty firmly in my comfort zone so I rarely get surprised but it’s always such fun when that happens.

  2. Yes! Our Little World and Every Summer After were such wonderful surprises. A Thousand Miles and Daughter of the Moon Goddess are on my tbr. And you just convinced me to add Some of It Was Real to my tbr, too. 😉

  3. I completely agree with you regarding Every Summer After. I really loved the story. I have a Thousand Miles coming from the library soon. I’m excited! 😀


  5. Lessons in Chemistry is on my summer TBR list. I’m running out of time. Gah! Guess it will be on my fall TBR list. LOL!

  6. Wonderful list Wendy! I’ve heard great things about Every Summer After and Lessons in Chemistry. I still have Daughter of the Moon Goddess on my list from reading your great review a while back! Thank you for sharing, I’ll also be adding Our Little World to my list too!

  7. Great choices Wendy! Most of these books are new to me but I certainly agree with you on Every Summer After and Lessons in Chemistry. Fun post!

  8. I want to read Daughter of the Moon Goddess. I need to check to make sure I have it shelved on Goodreads. 😊

    The one which comes to mind for me is Have You Seen Luis Valez? by Catherine Ryan Hyde. It was recommended to me by a blogging buddy, but I cannot remember why now, it wasn’t for the reason I loved the book because she didn’t see that meaning in it until I pointed it out. Anyway, I’ve tried two other books by that author and they’ve been just okay. I might read a third hoping to find one with the same depth as HYSLV?, but if that one is a miss, too, I’m done. Ha ha. 😅

  9. Don’t you love when a new book surprises you in a good way? It’s the best in bookish serendipity. 🙂

  10. Great topic, Lucy. I recently listened to The White Girl and yes, it was wonderful. It is heartbreaking, yet hopeful.

  11. Janette

    I love it when books surprise you in a good way. I have Daughter of the Moon Goddess to read this week and I’m looking forward to it

  12. Lessons in Chemistry surprised me too, just by the fabulously quirky tone and the way the author drew me in so quickly. It introduced me to Bonnie Garmus and I will read whatever she writes next. A Thousand Miles looks interesting because I love road trip books. Great list, Wendy!

  13. Rosie

    Not read any of these. Some of the memoirs that I read do give some amazing details which I hadn’t expected.