Top Ten Tuesday! Bookish Goals for 2023

Posted January 17, 2023 by WendyW in Blogging, Bloglinks, Book Blog Meme, bookblogger / 51 Comments

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Today’s Top 10: Bookish Goals for 2023

1. Read Less in 2023. Goodreads says I read 248 books in 2023, and my spreadsheet says I read 267 books. (I’m terrible at recordkeeping!) I have set my 2023 goal for 175 books. I want to read quality over quantity in 2023. However, I already have a LOT of ARCs for 2023. Oops.

2. Do better record keeping of my books. See above. I want to not only know how many books I read but which genres, formats, etc. And make cool charts so I can periodically check in and see which books I’m enjoying more. I might try to revive my storygraph account so I can monitor my reading a bit better.

3. Use the library more. The Flagstaff library is a good one, and I want to use it more often. I’m also a member of the Las Vegas Library, and I can use that for more digital content.

4. Listen to more audiobooks. I love audiobooks, but don’t listen to as many as I want to. I want to use the libraries to gain access to more audio content.

5. To frequent more independent bookstores. We have 2 good independent bookstores here in Flagstaff and I need to visit them more often. And visit some during my upcoming travels this summer.

6. Read more varied nonfiction. Last year all my nonfiction was celebrity memoirs. In 2023, I want to learn something from my nonfiction books. But I will still read a few memoirs. :).

7. Read more books from my TBR. This goal could be for every year! But, I want to read less from NetGalley and more books that are on my TBR or are recommended by my bookish friends.

8. Get my NetGalley ratio up over 80% AND KEEP IT THERE! Right now it’s at 77%. And over the last year, I did have it over 80% a few times, but it never stayed there for very long.

9. Grow my Instagram account and interact more. Social media isn’t really my thing, but I need to learn more about Instagram and grow my account.

10. Keep having fun! I’m enjoying book blogging and love our little community. I want to keep having fun and not let this get to be a chore.

What are your 2023 Bookish Goals?

51 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Bookish Goals for 2023

  1. These are great goals, Wendy! My nonfiction related goals is to actually read nonfiction this year. I enjoy nonfiction when I read it, but I always seems to gravitate more towards the novels. Good luck with your reading goals this year!

  2. These sound like great goals and I have seen a number of people who are really wanting to focus on quality over quantity this year. I love the idea of visiting more independent bookstores. When we start traveling again that is high on my list.

  3. #1 – Quality over quantity sounds good but we can’t always tell when a boos is good quality, not unless we read them.

    #3 – I would also like to use the library more also but sadly, they do not carry the books I want to read and sometimes the wait list is ridiculously long.

    #10 – That’s good goal, I would like to do that. I think people don’t have enough fun and it’s why there are so many cranky people about.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a lovely day.

  4. Great goals! I like the quality over quantity one… I also love my bookish stats; it strange how I’ve never taken to Storygraph because in theory it sounds like a perfect match. I think I’m too used to my Excel spreadsheet and GR to make the change haha. Good luck with your goals this year!

  5. I went down on my Goodreads Challenge too. I used to make a goal of 150-175, but I lowered it about 3/4 into this last year to 125 because I was getting so behind. I don’t want the pressure. If I read more fine, but I set it at 125 this year. My Netgalley ratio is pretty good. It’s 97% and yet I still get rejected for requests I make. Can you believe it? I do have a few that are REALLY old that have sat there so maybe that’s why. I want to work on that this year now that I’m not working as much as I used to. I also want to read a few non-fiction this year, but they’ll probably be memoirs. 🙂

    Good luck with all your goals!

  6. We do share a few goals this year, Wendy.. and your NG ratio is impressive… I have miles to go before I reach there..

  7. Agreed, Wendy! I also want to read less but connect more with the books I read – like you said, quality over quantity! I just migrated over to StoryGraph and I think it is much for helpful for keeping track of formats read than Goodreads. And yay for libraries! I listen to all my audiobooks from the library. They’re an incredible resource! (Of course, as a librarian, I am a bit biased)… 🙂

    Good luck with all your goals! Happy new year,


  8. Great goals, Wendy! I love how you want to prioritize quality over quantity. That’s actually one of the reasons I stopped requesting arcs. I found myself requesting and reading so many titles just because I could and I found my reading enjoyment went down, and my average rating did as well. Now I only request an arc if it’s from a small handful of favorite authors. Otherwise, I read the books that I am genuinely excited for, not just random titles that were available.

  9. Great goals, Wendy! I love that one of your goals is to read less, not more. I set my Goodreads goal lower this year, too, in part because I want to make time to write. I want to work on my NetGalley percentage as well, but I joined a challenge for that, and kept my resolutions a bit more general.

  10. Better record keeping and reading more from my TBR and netgalley is a goal I share with you but the best is your final one, to have fun with whatever we read🙂🙂

  11. These are all great goals, but your last one is my favorite. I want to have more fun blogging this year, too. 😀

  12. Joanna @ TheGeekishBrunette

    Storygraph is great for charts and seeing the genres of what you read! I love it. I hope you cna accomplish these goals.

  13. One of my goals this year is to read more from my own TBR and request less NetGalley books. My ratio is good, but I’ve got to clear my shelf. I may have to check into Storygraph. I saw it mentioned on Tessa’s blog this week also. Good luck, Wendy!

  14. Good luck with your goals Wendy! You hit the nail on the head with quality over quantity. I need to get my NetGalley ratio up and keep it there too. And I need to get to the library also, I miss going.

  15. These are all great goals, Wendy. My NG ratio is up to 65% which I am happy with, but would love to get it higher. I would have to stop requesting and read nothing but NG or EW ARCs to get it under control. Maybe that is what I should do. I also want blogging to be enjoyable and not become a chore, so agree with those goals. Good luck keeping up with those goals for 2023.

  16. You can download your Goodreads data into StoryGraph to get it up to date very quickly. I love that you can do that. Good luck with all of your goals!

  17. One of the most challenging ones (I think) is self control over requesting Netgalley books because it leaves you less time for books on your TBR. I think these are great goals and you can definitely achieve most of not all of them.

  18. Janette

    I love these goals and definitely share some of them. I want to read less books and not feel pressured to read ARCs so I’m definitely reducing the number of requests I make. I’m trying to make it so that I only read one ARC a week. I’m trying Storygraph out this year but I don’t find it easy to use so I’m not sure how long it’s going to last.
    Good Luck with your aims Wendy.

  19. At the end of each month, I reconcile my GR, SG, and my own spreadsheet records so that my number of books read is correct in each place. The first year I kept records was a disaster because I was totally off at the end of the year, and I painstakingly had to reconcile months of reading. Now I force myself to do it once a month so if I’m off it’s only by one or two and much easier to fix!

    Am I following you on IG?! I need to check!

    I’m putting the finishing touches on my goals Post right now!

  20. Jenny+McClinton

    What great goals, and I am the same as you with some of them. I’m going to try & read more of my TBR too & make sure I’m still enjoying it, as I feel I rush the books a lot more now as I have so many 😊