Top Ten Tuesday! Bookish Blogs That I Love

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Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. Each week a new theme is suggested for bloggers to participate in. Create your own Top Ten list that fits that topic – putting your unique spin on it if you want. Everyone is welcome to join but please link back to The Artsy Reader Girl in your own Top Ten Tuesday post.

Today’s Top 10 15:Bookish Blogs That I Love

Today’s Top Ten topic is 21st Century Books I Think Will Become Classics. I can’t even wrap my head around that topic. I am not clairvoyant and have no idea what will become a classic. But, I’m very interested to see what other bloggers come up with!

So, I decided to do Top 15 Bookish Blogs that I Love, and it coincidently works for the 2022 “SUPPORT BOOK BLOGGERS” CHALLENGE.

1. Tessa Talks Books
I enjoy Tessa’s reviews, memes, and discussion posts. She reads a variety of genres and always seems to have something interesting to say.

2. Carla Loves To Read
I don’t know anyone who reads as much as Carla! She reads a variety of genres and seems to have something for everyone. I especially like her reviews of children’s books as she reviews them with her grandchildren.

3. Books Teacup and Reviews
Yesha is a very supportive blogger who reads a variety of genres. Her discussion posts always make me think, and her reviews are very thorough.

4. Susan Loves Books
Susan has a terrific blog where she shares mostly book reviews. She reads several genres including romance and romantic suspense. I love her daily check-in posts.

5. It’s All About Books
Yvonne reads many genres and posts several book reviews a week. I enjoy her Yvonne’s Shorties feature where she posts 3 short reviews in one post giving the reader a quick look at the books.

6. That Happy Reader
Jodie is a Canadian book blogger that has reading tastes very similar to mine. She posts reviews and other features. I love her “Who Wears it Better” feature where she posts the different international book covers and we get to decide “Who Wears it Better”.

7. Rosie Amber
Rosie is a very supportive book blogger. She has a team of reviewers so her blog has a great variety of book review genres. I love her gardening posts too!

8. Caffeinated Reviewer
Kimberly also has a team of reviews, on her very popular blog and posts reviews for many genres. She also hosts a few challenges. I love her Audiobook Challenge especially and I always link up to her Sunday Post meme.

9. Cindy’s Book Corner
Cindy reviews mostly clean romances, romantic suspense/mystery, and faith-based books. Along with her husband, they have built a cute Free Little Library and I love to read her updates on her library.

10. fifty-two
Lori at fifty-two blog posts reviews, memes, and discussion posts. I like her grading scale for reviews, it’s like a report card, and very easy to understand.

11. TheGeekishBrunette
Joanna at The Geekish Brunette posts reviews for a variety of genres, including Young Adult, Children’s books, Middle Grades graphic novels, and adult fiction.

12. Jenny Lou’s Book Reviews.
Jenny is a UK book blogger who posts reviews for a variety of genres. I love her children’s books reviews where she includes her daughter’s views in the reviews. I also love her UK Debut authors feature, where she highlights debut authors.

13. Beauty in the Binding
Jolene at Beauty in the Binding is a very supportive blogger. Her blog features mostly Christian books and she posts a lot of author interviews and giveaways as well.

14. Books are a Girl’s Best Friend
Susan and Kaycee join forces and post dual reviews. I enjoy seeing the different takes on a book. Their reviews are short and to the point. They review mostly thrillers, mysteries, and some romance.

15. Lark Writes…on books and life
Lark likes to travel and is a very supportive blogger. She blogs about a variety of book genres.

I have so many more blogs I want to highlight! This community is so supportive, and there have been so many bloggers who have supported me, I’ll do another post with more bloggers soon!

Do you visit any of these blogs? Do you know of any other blogs I can add? Comment below!

47 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Bookish Blogs That I Love

  1. I love this! I’m bookmarking it to come back to later so I can take my time visiting all the new-to-me blogs you’ve shared. 🙂 I have to agree with you about Carla: I don’t think anyone reads as much as her. 😉

  2. I could have sworn I already commented on this post, so if this is a repeat comment, just delete it. I love this list since it includes some of my favorite bloggers as well as some I still need to check out. It makes me happy that there are so many wonderful book blogs out there, yours included 🙂

    Happy TTT (on a Thursday)!


  3. Thanks so much for introducing us to so many wonderful bloggers. I do know a couple of them but the rest are new to me so I will visit them.. It took me a while to figure out what books should make it for this week’s list so I posted later than usual …:) You have inspired me to post a similar one now..
    My TTT: Wonderful 21st Century Books: The Classics?

  4. I skipped this week’s TTT because I couldn’t wrap my head around it either. Thanks for including me in this list. I do follow many of these blogs, but not all, so I will be visiting them.

  5. This is ‘a great topic to share with us. I couldn’t wrap my head around this week’s TTT either, so I skipped it. I don’t know most of your list of bloggers so this is a good way for me to find new readers to chat with!

  6. I’m still not quite sure where I’m going with the prompt, I don’t normally read books that would be judged for being ‘classics’ and it may be inspiring a post about the nature of classics, what it means when we call a book a classic. But thank you for a lovely list of other bloggers to check out

  7. I love your spin on this topic! This week’s prompt was so hard. I frequent many of these blogs and I agree that these book bloggers are amazing. 🙂

  8. Jenny+McClinton

    Thank you so much for including me, you have been very supportive to me & I’m grateful 💕

  9. That is a lot of blogs to keep up with, and since they are reviewing books, it means temptations to choose more and more books! Carla is an amazing reader and reviewer. I agree with your assessment on her children’s book reviews. Having that personal view of how her grandchildren respond to various books is so interesting.

  10. What a great list! I am taking part in Pages Unbound’s challenge too, it’s been so wonderful to see people’s lists and I’ve found so many more bloggers through it. I read Books Teacups Reviews a lot and I have scrolled through some of the others too.

    My list of Bloggers I love :

    One of my favourites is Drizzle and Hurricane Books!

    My TTT (about YA Books That I Think Will Become Classics):

    And I totally understand what you mean about being disgusted by classics because of GCSE. I am doing it at the moment, although luckily I already have the classics bug! I have been doing English Language, which I don’t like so much, but next term we’re doing literature again which should be good.

    I should have thought about killing two birds in one stone and combining TTT and Support Book Bloggers Challenge…maybe next week because I’m so behind (exams are ruining my life) so I haven’t written the post yet…

    Zoe x

  11. I love this! This should be an official TTT prompt. I follow some of these lovely blogs, but I’ll have to check the rest of them out.