Top Ten Tuesday! Book Series That Are Not In My Usual Genres

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Today’s Top 10: Book Series That Are Not In My Usual Genres

Today’s Top Ten topic is a Genre Freebie, so I chose to do Book Series That Are Not In My Usual Genres. My usual Genres are romance, women’s fiction, and historical romance.

  1. The Finlay Donovan Series by Elle Cosimano. (Mystery)

2. By the Book Mysteries by Tamara Berry (Cozy Mystery)

3. The Grilled Cheese Mysteries series by Linda Reilly (Cozy Mystery)

4. The Midsolar Murders series by Mur Lafferty (Science Fiction)

5. The Celestial Kingdom Duology by Sue Lynn Tan (Fantasy)

6. Cannabis Café Mysteries by Emily George (Cozy Mystery)

7. The Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourn (Historical Mystery)

8. True Confections Mystery series by Sarah Fox (Cozy Mystery)

9. A Dear Miss Hermione Mystery series by Anastasia Hastings. (Historical Mystery)

10. The King of Scars series by Leigh Bardugo (Fantasy)

Do you read series that are out of your normal genre?

49 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Book Series That Are Not In My Usual Genres

  1. I read so many genres that the only ones I can think of that would be out of my normal reads would be fantasy series and I have only read a couple of those. I would like to read or maybe listen to King of Scars.

  2. Thank you for visiting and commenting! I love your take on this freebie theme.. And other than fantasy books (which I do read sometimes), I don’t read much of the other genres on your list too (like once in a blue moon)
    I keep thinking I should read more cozy mysteries for those titles are always so very punnily clever!

  3. I rarely read out of my favorite genres these days because of all the reviews I have signed myself up for. However with the library award committee I’m on, I have had to read books that are not my normal types. I did have one cozy mystery series that I loved a while back, I discovered it when I worked at Barnes and Noble. It was by Diane Mott Davidson, and I loved the recipes it always had it in because the main character was a caterer. Fun post!

  4. Finlay Donovan and Moon Goddess are STILL on my list – I hope to get to both later this year (got to clear out my ARC pile first). I used to be SO narrow and read only mysteries & thrillers. Then I got bored with the sameness and started branching out and, oh my goodness, there’s so much more out there to explore!! I’m still baby stepping into sci-fi, but pretty much any other genre is welcome! Thanks for the visit.

  5. I try to read lots of different genres, so I read most of the genres you mention,. I really enjoyed Finley Donovan is Killing It. And I definitely want to read the King of Scars series.

  6. This is a great list! Finlay!! haha. I have been trying to do better expanding my genres the last year or so. I think I’ve managed it on some level. It was all just YA then straight fantasy. I’ve widened it quite a bit! 🙂

  7. Daughter of a Moon Goddess sounds like a good read.

    I like the fact that you’re so willing to try other genres! That’s a great character trait. 🙂

  8. I’ve been trying to read wider this year, but I honestly can’t think of a series out of my usual genres at the moment. But I have the first Finlay Donovan book that I’m hoping to get to – eventually.

  9. I’ve read several of these – my usual genre is mystery! – and enjoyed all the ones you listed. Buried in a Good Book is such a fun one and I love the Veronica Speedwell series. It’s got an interesting historical twist to it. I hope you enjoy these!

    • I have one more to go! I’m looking forward to Rule of Wolves. I just have to get some ARC’s and library books out of the way first. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

  10. I do read books outside of my usual genres but I like when there is a crossover with one of my usual genres if possible. Sally Hepworth does this well often combining women’s fiction and thrillers for example.

  11. I love how you’ve been branching out genre-wise and glad you’re finding some series in those genres that you really like. Finlay Donovan is a particular series that I think could have very wide appeal.