Top Ten Tuesday! Book Series I Want to Finish (or catch up on) by the End of 2023 

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Today’s Top 10: Book Series I Want to Finish (or catch up on) by the End of 2023 

Today’s Top Ten Topic is Books for People Who Liked Author X. I couldn’t figure this one out (it strained my brain!), so I decided to do Book Series I Want to Finish (or catch up on) by the End of 2023 

  1. The Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourn. I have read books 1-5 in the series as well as the most recent book, A Sinister Revenge, book 8. I have book 6 on hold at my library. Hopefully, the author will write more books in this series too.

2. The Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn. I’ve read books 1-3 out of 8 books in total.

3. The Heartstopper series by Alice Oseman. I haven’t even started this series. As this is in graphic novel format, it’s one I want to read in print, so I plan to visit my local bookstore and purchase the books.

4. The King of Scars series by Leigh Bardugo. There are only 2 books in this series and I only have Rule of Wolves left, and then I’ve completed the entire Grishaverse series of books.

5. The Lady Sherlock series by Sherry Thomas. I’ve read the 1st book and the 7th book (out of 7 books total). I have the second book downloaded from the library.

6. The Witches of Thistle Grove Series by Lana Harper. I’ve only read the third book in this series. The fourth book is coming out later this year, so I want to read the first 2 books before it comes out.

7. The Addicted Series by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie. I’ve read the first 2 books in the series out of 5. Then I’ll have to read the companion series, The Calloway Sisters.

8. Thursday Murder Club Series by Richard Osman. I’m about halfway through the first book in this series. There are 3 books so far with a fourth book coming out soon.

9. Bromance Book Club Series by Lyssa Kay Adams. There are 5 books in this series so far. I’ve read the first two books in the series and have the third book on hold at the library.

10. Moonglow Cove series by Lori Wilde. There are four books in this series so far. I’ve read the 3rd and 4th books in the series, and I still need to read the first two books and hopefully more.

Do you have any series you want to catch up on?

46 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Book Series I Want to Finish (or catch up on) by the End of 2023 

  1. I have way too many series to catch up on or finish. I often start a series partway through and then have to go back and read the first ones. I hope you get a chance to read all of these in 2023. I read and loved The Bromance Book Club and only have 2 more to finish in the Lady Sherlock series. I love all of Lori Wilde’s series and am caught up on this one.

  2. This one strained my brain a bit too! I’ve read about half of the series you shared and really love them. Now I need to read the Lori Wilde series as I love the covers and all the books I’ve seen of that series sounds great.

  3. Rachel @Waves of Fiction

    Love The Thursday Murder Club series! I have The Wedding at Moonglow Bay by Lori Wilde to read so I’m happy to see you enjoyed it and another one in the series.

  4. I still have to read Ruin and Rising. I was spoiled for it the day it published, on Goodreads, and I never got the excitement back to read it. I even donated my hardcovers to the library. 😏

  5. I have so many to catch up on I couldn’t name them all here. Two that come to mind are the Something Dark and Holy series by Emily A. Duncan and The Gilded Wolves series by Roshani Chokshi.

  6. I love Veronica Speedwell and Bridgerton and the Lady Sherlock series. I’m going to start The Bromance Book Club soon and Payback’s a Witch. Hope you get around to reading all of them.

  7. The Raybourn series and Sherry thomas’ both look good to me. I just started reading anna Huber and need to get to these also.

  8. I have so many series I need to try and catch up on! but somehow, I just keep falling farther and farther behind. ;D Fun list.

  9. Great topic!! I need to catch up on the Bromance Book Club books. I have two to read and just got the latest one from BookOutlet. Heartstopper would be a quick one to catch up on! I saw that Veronica Speedwell has at least one more. She had just turned in book 9 when book 8 came out! 🙂

  10. I have sooooooo many series to finish up. I do need to read on in the Bridgerton series, I’ve only read the first one. I also need to start the Bromance series. I need to finish the second book in the Outlander series and read on in the books. I love the tv show, but the second book is dragging for me. Great post!

  11. The topic for today strained my brain as well, so I also went a different direction! I made a list of book series I wanted to finish this year at the beginning of the year but I don’t think I blogged about it…maybe I will for our next freebie 😉

  12. We have a couple of books in common where I also watch to finish or catch up on. Bridgerton, I’ve only read the first two books. Hearstopper, I’ve also read the first two books from. The King of Scars duology I also only have to read Rule of Wolves. The Witches of Thistle Grove Series, I’ve only read the first book of but badly wanna reaf the others!

  13. kamifurr

    I love your rogue topic. This week’s prompt has stumped me as well. I think I have a few of these books on my TBR.