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What’s better for the Friday before New Year than a tag? I first found this tag on Birdie’s Book Nook (here). Jordyn found the tag on Becky’s Book Blog (here) who started the tag.

Bookish Tropes

SMASH! I like just about every trope I’ve ever read. Enemies to lovers ✅, Secret Baby ✅, Friends to Lovers ✅, fake relationship ✅, secret relationship ✅, Forced Proximity ✅, Second Chance Love, ✅, Opposites Attract ✅. Or any combination of these! (there are many other tropes, these are just my favorites.

Alternating POV

SMASH. I have found that I do prefer alternating POVs, especially in romance. I want to know everyone’s thoughts!

Ambiguous Endings

PASS. I’ll say I’ve read some books with ambiguous endings that were wonderful, but for the MOST part, I prefer everything sewn up at the end.


PASS. I like some nonfiction, but I don’t read a lot of it, nor is is a mainstay of my reading.

Historical Setting

SMASH. I have been enjoying historicals more and more. I like a good historical mystery and/or romance the most.

Morally Grey characters

SMASH/PASS. I mostly like my main characters to be mostly good people. But, if a book is well written, I do like a morally grey character if written well.

First Person POV

SMASH. I like just about all POVs, but for romance, I love a well-written first-person POV.


SMASH. I don’t listen to as many audiobooks as I would like, but love them when I do listen. I like them for very long books, or very short books.


PASS. I used to re-read quite often, but lately I just don’t have time. And with a TBR as large as mine, I need to read those books before I re-read.

Classic novels

PASS. I want to read classic novels, but they are usually long winded and too wordy for me. I read for pleasure, so I want to read something fun. I still want to read some, but not many.


PASS. I read mostly ebooks, with a few audiobooks thrown in. I know I can annotate on my kindle, but I just don’t do it.

Cracking Book Spines

PASS. As I said above, I don’t read physical books anymore, so no need to crack any spines!


PASS. I don’t mind a bit of smut in my books, but I prefer it toned down a bit. I tend to just flip through the smut anyway. But, if it’s a well written book, and it has some smut in it, I’ll still read it.

Character Driven Books

SMASH. These are definitely my favorite. Give me a good romance, or family drama and I just love it.

Past/Present Split Timeline

SMASH. On the condition that both timelines are compelling and interesting. Sometimes it feels like some authors do the dual timeline just because it’s popular now.

Heavy World Building

PASS. But, if it’s fantasy, I need some good worldbuilding. But, since I read mostly romance, women’s fiction and mystery, I don’t need any heavy world building.

What do you think of these prompts? Are you Smash or Pass?

45 responses to “Bookish Smash or Pass Book Tag

  1. I enjoyed reading your answers! I didn’t used to be a big fan of alternating POVs, but now I enjoy them in my romance novels. I’m pretty disappointed when it’s only one now.

  2. Yep!! That’s how I feel about re-reading too. I have sooo many on my TBR and want to read those. Although, I’ll probably never have it finished.

  3. This is a fun tag. It was nice to learn some things about you I didn’t know. I may participate in this tag sometime in January. I need to think about my answers, lol.

  4. I agree that the dual timeline is perhaps overdone because it is the popular thing to do. If it fits the work, fine, but please, authors, don’t start with “I’m going to write something with a dual timeline” and then create the story from there. The story is the thing. The type of narration should follow it.

  5. What a fun tag! So many of our answers are alike. We do differ on annotating, though. I’m forever jotting notes and reactions to what I’m reading, no matter if it’s a Kindle book, an audiobook, or a physical book.

  6. I’m pretty similar to you, although I do still read some physical books, but I don’t listen to audio books 😊 I like a multiple POV as it does add a lot to the story hearing both sides 😊 great tag 💕