Book Review: The Passing Storm By Christine Nolfi

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The Passing Storm
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by Christine Nolfi
Publication Date November 1, 2021
Published by Amazon Publishing
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Genres: Fiction / Family Life / General, Fiction / Literary, Fiction / Romance / General
Pages: 318
Format: ARC

A gripping, openhearted novel about family, reconciliation, and bringing closure to the secrets of the past.

Early into the tempestuous decade of her thirties, Rae Langdon struggles to work through a grief she never anticipated. With her father, Connor, she tends to their Ohio farm, a forty-acre spread that itself has enjoyed better days. As memories sweep through her, some too precious to bear, Rae gives shelter from a brutal winter to a teenager named Quinn Galecki.

Quinn has been thrown out by his parents, a couple too troubled to help steer the misunderstood boy through his own losses. Now Quinn has found a temporary home with the Langdons--and an unexpected kinship, because Rae, Quinn, and Connor share a past and understand one another's pain. But its depths--and all its revelations and secrets--have yet to come to light. To finally move forward, Rae must confront them and also fight for Quinn, whose parents have other plans in mind for their son.

With forgiveness, love, and the spring thaw, there might be hope for a new season--a second chance Rae believed in her heart was gone forever.

My Review:

Four and a half Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭒

The Passing Storm by Christine Nolfi is an emotional book about grief, friendship, and moving on.  I really enjoyed the writer’s ability to tell a beautiful story about grief and give the story plenty of hope and a satisfying ending.  

Rae Langdon lives with her father Conner in an old farmhouse in Ohio.  Both are recovering from terrible losses.  First Rae’s mother, Hestor, perished in a snowstorm when Rae was just a teenager.  Now, fourteen years later, they are both recovering from the loss of Rae’s daughter, Lark, who died suddenly at age 14, while at a friend’s sleepover.  

Quinn, an eighteen-year-old teenager, and friend of Lark’s has been thrown out of his house by his alcoholic parents and starts to hang out around Rae’s home and barn.  Rae and Conner are suspicious as they don’t know Quinn or trust him.  He’s the son of no good parents, and they are sure he’s no good too.   But, they soon realize he’s nothing like his parents, and he loved their daughter too, so they take him in, and he does chores around the farm for his room and board.  

This book is so full of emotion, mostly hope and perseverance.  These characters all have such distressing pasts, but they learn to lean on each other and help each other move forward.  This book is heartwarming and hopeful and will give you a feeling of hope and community.  I will admit that when I read this book was about grief, I was reluctant to start reading as I was worried it would be depressing, but I am happy to report that this book is the opposite of depressing.  Instead, it’s uplifting and heartwarming.  

I recommend this book to anyone who loves emotional books with a bit of mystery.  I received a complimentary copy of this book.  The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

5 responses to “Book Review: The Passing Storm By Christine Nolfi

  1. This story does sound very emotional, and I love that it is uplifting and heartwarming. Definitely a book to keep in mind. Excellent review!

  2. Wonderful review Wendy! I love Christine’s stories and I’m going to move this one up the old TBR mountain after reading your review!! Tissues??🤷😥🤗📚💜☕