Book Review: The Lost Ticket by Freya Sampson

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The Lost Ticket
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by Freya Sampson
Publication Date August 30, 2022
Published by Penguin
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Genres: Fiction / Humorous / General, Fiction / Romance / Contemporary, Fiction / Women
Pages: 368
Format: ARC

***I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***

Strangers on a London bus unite to help an elderly man find his missed love connection in the heartwarming new novel from the acclaimed author of The Last Chance Library.

When Libby Nicholls arrives in London, brokenhearted and with her life in tatters, the first person she meets on the bus is elderly Frank. He tells her about the time in 1962 that he met a girl on the number 88 bus with beautiful red hair just like hers. They made plans for a date at the National Gallery art museum, but Frank lost the bus ticket with her number on it. For the past sixty years, he’s ridden the same bus trying to find her, but with no luck.
Libby is inspired to action and, with the help of an unlikely companion, she papers the bus route with posters advertising their search. Libby begins to open her guarded heart to new friendships and a budding romance, as her tightly controlled world expands. But with Frank’s dementia progressing quickly, their chance of finding the girl on the 88 bus is slipping away.
More than anything, Libby wants Frank to see his lost love one more time. But their quest also shows Libby just how important it is to embrace her own chances for happiness—before it’s too late—in a beautifully uplifting novel about how a shared common experience among strangers can transform lives in the most marvelous ways.

The Lost Ticket by Freya Sampson is a stand-alone women’s fiction book with a bit of romance that is simply adorable.  It’s a heartwarming story of a few lost souls who bond on a bus, to find one last wish for one of the passengers

Libby Nicholls is back in London after a recent breakup with her fiance and employer.  She’s living with her overbearing sister and her husband and son, while she decides what to do with her life.  She rides a bus and meets Frank, an elderly gentleman who though she reminded him of his lost love, whom he met on the bus in 1962, and has been riding the bus hoping to meet his lost love once again.  

Frank’s story inspires Libby to look for Frank’s lost love so at least she can give him some closure.  She meets Frank’s carer, Dylan, and together they hatch a plan to find Frank’s, lost love.  Will Libby and Dylan find the woman who stole Frank’s heart in 1962?  Or has too much time passed?  

The Lost Ticket is a very heartwarming story that I just adored.  The quirky characters and their quest to find Frank’s, lost love.  It has found family, community spirit, and a light romance.  I love the way Libby took on the task of searching for Frank’s lost love.  She has her own issues, but the search became a way for her to ignore her situation for some time, and do something for others. 

I loved all the characters in this book.  Although at first, it appears as if Libby is hiding from her life, it’s helping Frank that helps her to realize her own inner strengths as well as find out her own path in life.  I wanted to help Frank find his love and was rooting on this odd group of friends to find this woman,  as I was pulled into this story of love, friendships, and community.  And Dylan is nothing more than a sweetheart dressed in punk clothing.  He cares for his clients as if they were his own family and his outward demeanor is just a shield for a slightly wounded but extraordinary man.  

I highly recommend The Lost Ticket to anyone who enjoys women’s fiction. I received a complimentary copy of this book.  The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About Freya Sampson

Freya Sampson is the author of two novels, The Last Chance Library and The Lost Ticket/The Girl on the 88 Bus. She worked in TV as an executive producer and her credits include two documentary series for the BBC about the British Royal Family, and a number of factual and entertainment series.

She studied History at Cambridge University and in 2018 was shortlisted for the Exeter Novel Prize.

She lives in London with her husband, two young children and an antisocial cat.

UK Version:

In the UK, The Lost Ticket is Named The Girl on the 88 Bus.

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31 responses to “Book Review: The Lost Ticket by Freya Sampson

  1. Wonderful review, Wendy. Two of my favourite tropes/themes are found family and multi-generational friendships and this sounds like they are both well done. I have this on my TBR and am moving it up right now.

  2. I love the synopsis for this book and really enjoyed your review Wendy! I will see if I can get this one on audiobook through my library.

  3. This sounds such a lovely story. I have this NetGalley widget and now I’m regretting not getting to it sooner. Amazing review, Wendy!