Book Review: The Lonely Hearts Book Club by Lucy Gilmore

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The Lonely Hearts Book Club
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by Lucy Gilmore
Publication Date March 28, 2023
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Genres: Fiction / Coming of Age, Fiction / Friendship, Fiction / Literary, Fiction / Small Town & Rural, Fiction / Women
Pages: 368
Format: ARC

***I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***

A young librarian and an old curmudgeon forge the unlikeliest of friendships in this charming, feel-good novel about one misfit book club and the lives (and loves) it changed along the way.

Sloane Parker lives a small, contained life as a librarian in her small, contained town. She never thinks of herself as lonely...but still she looks forward to that time every day when old curmudgeon Arthur McLachlan comes to browse the shelves and cheerfully insult her. Their sparring is such a highlight of Sloane's day that when Arthur doesn't show up one morning, she's instantly concerned. And then another day passes, and another.

Anxious, Sloane tracks the old man down only to discover him all but bedridden...and desperately struggling to hide how happy he is to see her. Wanting to bring more cheer into Arthur's gloomy life, Sloane creates an impromptu book club. Slowly, the lonely misfits of their sleepy town begin to find each other, and in their book club, find the joy of unlikely friendship. Because as it turns out, everyone has a special book in their heart—and a reason to get lost (and eventually found) within the pages.

Books have a way of bringing even the loneliest of souls together...

The Lonely Hearts Book Club by Lucy Gilmore is a sweet, heartwarming story of a small-town librarian and her small circle of friends. 

Story Recap:

Sloane Parker is a librarian who lives a sheltered life in a small town.  Her one brief window of joy comes when library patron and curmudgeon,  Arthur McLachlan, come into the library and they trade insults and barbs with each other.  

When Arthur doesn’t show up for a few days, Sloane risks her job and looks up his address so she can check up on him.  She finds him bedridden and decides to form an impromptu book club with him and other misfits around town.  Together they help each other out and form a bond over books. 

My Thoughts: 

Sometimes I just need an uplifting book and The Lonely Hearts Book Club is the perfect book for when I’m feeling a bit down.  I love a good bookish book and this one exceeded my expectations.  It’s sweet, heartwarming, charming and emotional, and these are all the things I love in a good book.  

These characters were so real.  I can imagine, shy and reserved, Sloane, the librarian, and just picture her lonely days in the library.  And Arthur is such an amazing character as well.  The typical curmudgeon, with a heart that is all covered up in past experiences that only needs someone, or a few someones to help him discover he has a large heart after all.  

I love a book about misfits and underdogs, and The Lonely Hearts Book Club has plenty of these characters.  And we get to see them grow and learn to trust each other and themselves.  


I highly recommend The Lonely Hearts Book Club to anyone who enjoys fiction.  I received a complimentary copy of this book.  The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About Lucy Gilmore

Lucy Gilmore is a celebrated novelist in a wide range of genres, including literary fiction, contemporary romance, and cozy mystery. She began her reading (and writing) career as an English literature major and ended as a book lover without all those pesky academic papers attached.

She lives in Spokane, WA with her family.

Book Challenges:

The Lonely Hearts Book Club counts towards my 2023 Bookish Books Reading Challenge.

21 responses to “Book Review: The Lonely Hearts Book Club by Lucy Gilmore

  1. When I first saw the synopsis for this book, I was intrigued. It sounds really uplifting and sweet. And of course, I’m a sucker for found family! Loved reading your review 🙂

  2. Sounds heartwarming and lovely, and one I would definitely enjoy. Great review 🙂

    Your like button has gone again.

  3. Janette

    This one sounds really heart warming. I love that idea for beginning a book club.