Book Review: Shoot the Moon by Bella Cassidy

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Shoot the Moon
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by Bella Cassidy
Publication Date August 17, 2022
Published by Happyshed Press
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Genres: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary, Fiction / Women
Pages: 320
Format: ARC

When the love you miss the most is the one you’ve always had.

Tassie loves many things: her friends, her job, her garden. Even her first boyfriend. But there’s a kind of love she just can’t find.

Until, in losing everything, she sees what she needed most was there all along.

Sometimes it’s not the person you need to forget, but the person you need to forgive.

Shoot the Moon is the sweetest of bittersweet novels, combining two very different love stories. One of which will probably make you cry.

Tassie Morris is everyone’s favourite wedding photographer, famous for her photos of offbeat ceremonies and alternative brides. Yet commitment is proving impossible for Tassie herself, who cannot forget her first love.

When she’s sent to photograph a ceremony on Schiehallion - the Fairy Hill of the Scottish Caledonians - she meets Dan, who might be the one to make her forget her past. That is, until a family crisis begins a chain of events that threaten to destroy not only Tassie’s love life, but her entire career.

Set in a colourful world of extraordinary weddings, Shoot the Moon explores the complexities of different kinds of love: romantic love, mother love, friendship. And, ultimately, the importance of loving yourself.

“If there’s someone in your life whom you’ve never quite got over - perhaps this book could help explain one of the reasons why.”

My Review:

Shoot the Moon by Bella Cassidy is fun, romantic, and inspiring.  All this with scenes set in lovely locations with descriptions of unique and interesting weddings.  

Tassie is a wedding photographer specializing in unique weddings at unique locations and works for the magazine, Kiss The Bride. Tassie has always had trouble with relationships, always finding fault and eventually breaking up any relationship she’s in.  She never got over the love of her life, Alex, and it doesn’t help that he keeps popping into her life, and out again.  

Then Tassie gets an assignment to shoot a wedding in Schiehallion, the Fairy Hill of the Scottish Caledonians a remote, yet very beautiful location.  At the wedding, she meets Dan, a guest at the wedding.  Due to some circumstances, Tassie and Dan spend a week together and go exploring, and they find a companionship that surprises Tassie, as she’s never felt so comfortable with another man.  Their time together ends as Tassie has to run back to her life due to a family emergency. 

There is a romance element to this story, however, it’s mostly about Tassie, and her growth and how she works through her past in order to develop into a mature woman, who can give and accept love, in all her relationships.  Tassie’s relationship with Alex isn’t a good one, but Tassie can’t let him go and that’s what the story is about.  How she faces her past, her family, and friends in order to heal herself so she can move on and grow.  

I enjoyed the author’s descriptions of the beautiful and unique wedding and especially the gorgeous locations.  The author is very adept at describing both the urban and the rural locations making me feel like I was traveling along with Tassie.  

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves women’s fiction.  I received a complimentary copy of this book.  The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About Bella Cassidy

Bella Cassidy did a lot of research for writing her wedding romance, having had two herself. For her first she was eight months pregnant - a whale in bright orange - and married in a barn with wood fires burning.

The second saw her in elegant Edwardian silk, crystals and lace, teamed with yellow wellies and a cardigan. Both were great fun; but it was lovely having her daughter alongside, rather than inside her at the second one.

23 responses to “Book Review: Shoot the Moon by Bella Cassidy

  1. Wonderful review Wendy. It sounds like a very interesting and unique story. I like stories about growth and forgiveness.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful women’s fiction story. I love tales about personal growth. They are often so easy to relate to. Excellent review!