Book Review: Pug Actually by Matt Dunn.

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Pug Actually
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by Matt Dunn
Publication Date June 29, 2021
Published by MIRA
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Genres: Animals, Contemporary, Fiction, General, Humorous, Romance, Women
Pages: 400
Format: ARC

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear collars.
A Dog’s Purpose meets The Happy Ever After Playlist in this charming, pitch-perfect take on relationships as seen through the eyes of a wise pug named Doug, who is determined to play cupid to fix his owner’s love life with his own four paws.
Doug wants his rescuer, Julie, to be happy. He is loyal and loves her unconditionally—two things that can’t be said about Julie’s married boss and lover, Luke. Yet Julie is reluctant to break up, afraid to end up like her eccentric cat-owning neighbor. It’s a prospect that horrifies Doug, too.
Newly divorced Tom, on the other hand, is perfect for Julie. Everyone can see it—except for Julie and Tom. Doug is confident that with his help they will get over their initial animosity toward each other.
As Doug humorously navigates the quirks of human relationships, he knows he can’t give up on Julie—after all, being a “rescue” works both ways.

My Review:

Pug Actually by Matt Dunn is just such a darn cute book.  I just loved hearing the story from the point of view of a dog, specifically a pug named Doug.  This book is fun, heartwarming, and a nice light read.  

Doug, the pug, takes it upon himself to rescue his mistress, Julie, from a relationship that is going nowhere and seeks to find her a more reliable mate.  The entire story is told from Doug’s point of view, he is a rescue dog who is very loyal to his rescuer and mistress.  Julie is convinced her boss, and boyfriend, Luke, will leave his wife any day now and they can live together and be happy for the rest of their lives.  Unfortunately, Doug, and all of Julie’s friends, and her father know this will never happen.  When Julie’s friends try to convince her of the futility of her relationship with Luke and she ignores their pleas, Doug knows it’s up to him to save his mistress from a doomed relationship and find her someone new.  

This book is lighthearted, funny and an easy book to read.  The characters are fun and cheerful (especially Doug!) and make a good story.  The pacing of this book is quick, as Doug works to help his mistress finally find love.  Doug, the narrator is absolutely charming and adorable.  

Julie, is a sweet nice woman, who is completely charmed by her lying manipulative boyfriend, and her character is a bit trying at times, but forgivable as she eventually realizes the true character of her boyfriend (with help from Doug of course!).  

I recommend this book for anyone looking for a light, easy romantic book staring the most adorable dog ever. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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