Book Review: Once Upon A Royal by Christmas Teri Wilson

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Once Upon A Royal Christmas
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by Teri Wilson
Publication Date November 1, 2022
Published by Hallmark Publishing
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Genres: Fiction / Holidays, Fiction / Romance / Holiday, Fiction / Romance / Royalty
Pages: 288
Format: ARC
Reading Challenges: 12 Books of Christmas 2022

***I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***

She pretends to be a princess at children’s parties.
But can she melt a real prince’s frosty heart?
Get swept away by a Christmas story from Hallmark
and bestselling author Teri Wilson—
the queen of royal romance!

“I’m Prince Nikolas of San Glacera. Oh, you’ve never heard of us? Well, you’re not the only one. Our country relies on winter tourism, but we’re attracting fewer and fewer visitors. I admit it’s a problem. I just don’t think the solution is an American who likes to play dress-up.

You see, while I was away on a trip, my younger sister convinced the palace to hold a contest. The winner gets to star in our annual Ice Village festivities and accompany our royal family to holiday events.

And who did they choose? Gracie Clark, who runs a children’s party business and performs as—I kid you not—‘Princess Snowflake.’

Of course, I do respect the fact that she volunteers at children’s hospitals. I suppose to some, she might have a certain charm... But the whole cheap spectacle is beneath our dignity.

I’m not going to shirk my duty to my kingdom. I’ll go to every event with her. At least, once Christmas is over, she’ll be gone…”

Once Upon A Royal by Christmas Teri Wilson is a cute fairy tale romance that is light and fluffy and perfect for anyone who enjoys Hallmark Christmas movies.  

Story Recap: 

Gracie is a party princess.  She owns a small business, where she and her employees, dress up as princesses and other characters for parties, openings, etc.  Her Princess name is Princess Snowflake.  She’s trying to get a loan to hire more full-time employees, but the bank keeps turning her down. So her best friend enters her into a contest, and the winner helps the Royal Family of San Glacera host their winter festival and wins $30k, the exact amount Grace needs to help her business grow. 

When Gracie arrives in San Glacera, she meets Prince Nikolas, she doesn’t realize he is the prince, and he thinks she’s a real princess.  Prince Nikolas escorts her to many of the events planned for the winter festival, and feelings starts between them.  But, Gracie has her business in the US, and Nikolas must stay in San Glacera.  

My Thoughts: 

Once upon a Christmas is escapism, pure and simple.  It’s light, fluffy, and predictable, but also very comforting and entertaining.  I enjoyed all the characters, especially her best friend Cara.  I liked that the main character has the job of being a princess, it sounds like fun.  Also, Nickolas has a sweet little dog named Mittens, a King Charles spaniel, who practically steals the show.  

These characters are fun and interesting, and just a bit predictable.  But, that’s what I love about a romance book like this one, where the predictability is so comforting. 

One of my issues with books featuring royalty is the thought of a prince coming in and “saving” the poor commoner women, like Cinderella.  But, in this book, you’ll find a spirited and self-sufficient heroine, who doesn’t really need saving.   


I highly recommend Once Upon a Christmas to anyone who enjoys romance. I received a complimentary copy of this book.  The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About Teri Wilson

Teri Wilson

USA Today Bestselling Author Teri Wilson writes heartwarming contemporary romance with a touch of whimsy. Three of Teri’s books have been adapted into Hallmark Channel Original Movies by Crown Media, including UNLEASHING MR. DARCY (plus its sequel MARRYING MR. DARCY), THE ART OF US and NORTHERN LIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS, based on her book SLEIGH BELL SWEETHEARTS. She is also a recipient of the prestigious RITA Award® for excellence in romantic fiction for her novel THE BACHELOR’S BABY SURPRISE.

Teri has a major weakness for cute animals, pretty dresses and Audrey Hepburn films, and she loves following the British royal family.

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28 responses to “Book Review: Once Upon A Royal by Christmas Teri Wilson

  1. I love fluffy romance. As long as it makes me feel good I wouldn’t mind predictability. This sounds lovely and I like that idea of business. Amazing review, Wendy!

  2. I’m glad to hear the heroine was a strong female Wendy as I’m also one that doesn’t like a story where a woman is saved by a strong male. Great review!

  3. Sounds very nice, Wendy. I agree with your concern re the prince ‘rescuing’ a commoner. I find such issues at times with richer and poorer characters also. But I’m glad that she is spirited and independent.