Book Review: It’s Raining Men by Julie Hammerle

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It’s Raining Men
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by Julie Hammerle
Publication Date July 27, 2021
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Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Later in Life, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 400
Format: ARC

Don’t drink and text.
Even on the cusp of forty, I had to learn that the hard way. After discovering my best friend, who I was supposed to grow old and single with, got engaged, I drowned my loneliness in one too many Old Fashioneds and woke up with thirty-nine responses from every available man in my phone. Yup, I even texted my plumber...and he turned me down.
Apparently, my liquor-infused text said that while I don’t need a man, maybe I’d be down for a constant sidekick for movies, plus-one invites, and dinner on the table after my grueling shifts as a concierge doctor—till death do us part...and was anyone in?
Through the absolute mortification of thirty-seven rejections, shockingly, I realize two men have said yes. Behind Bachelor Door #1 is Rob, my old high school crush: the comfortable, dependable boy-next-door. Behind Bachelor Door #2 is Darius, the exciting, flashy news reporter about to hit it big. Does this mean I’ll have to get out of my yoga pants and actually go on dates now?
Dax, the local bartender who got me into this disaster in the first place—remember the Old Fashioneds?—can’t believe I’ve given up on finding true love. What does a tattooed, broody twentysomething know about carving out a future for yourself, anyway?
Too bad the further into this hot mess I get, the less I know about who I am. And I’m going to have to figure out exactly what I need if I ever want to find a true happily ever after.

My Review:

A delightful, fun romantic comedy with loads of quirky characters and even a dog named Joanne.

Annie is a concierge doctor in Chicago who is about to turn forty and starts to reassess her life when her best friend and roommate suddenly gets engaged and moves out. During an alcohol-fueled evening, she texts 39 of the men in her contacts and tells them she is ready to settle down and asks if anyone is interested. She’s surprised when two of the men reply that they are interested! One if Robert, the son of her mother’s next-door neighbor and her high school crush, and the other is the flashy news reporter Darius.

This is a fun, light fast-paced book, that was enjoyable from the very beginning of the book. Annie is a well-developed character who is easy to root for. Dax, Darius, and Rob are all fun characters, with their own flaws and issues that make for a tough decision for Annie. Annie’s friends are quirky and real and add some additional levity to the story. And Joanne, the dog, is a fun, lighthearted addition to the story.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a heartwarming, fun romantic comedy. I received a complimentary copy of this book. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

18 responses to “Book Review: It’s Raining Men by Julie Hammerle

  1. I have a guess about who she ends up with. I’m going to have to read it so I can find out if my hunch is right. Great review Wendy!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful rom-com! I’ve read one book by this author before but it was a YA Contemporary. Maybe I will have to give this one a go. Great review!

  3. Nina D

    This sounds like such fun! Plus the title and cover image had me laughing out loud! Sounds perfect to curl up with for an evening or two.

  4. Wow she gets quite the response! I wonder if you had a favorite you were rooting for? Sounds like a fun rom-com.

    • Thank you Rachel, it was so fun. Yes, there was a favorite from the beginning, it was so much fun to see her go through the list!

  5. I don’t usually read rom-coms, but this sounds like a fun story! And… the song will be stuck in my head all day today, now that I’ve read your review! 😄

    • I know, that song has been on my brain the whole time I was reading it. It’s one of those tunes that gets stuck and never seems to go away!

  6. This sounds like it would be a fun read, Wendy. I have a question though, What is a Concierge Doctor? Adding this to my summer reading wishlist.

    • Thank you, Carla. I didn’t know what a concierge doctor was either! It’s a doctor who is paid a flat rate to be at the beck and call of the patient. Usually very rich people! So, instead of charging a patient by the call, the concierge doctor is paid regularly and is on call for that patient at all times. I think it’s a good profession in a romance book because the fact they are on call at all times can cause all kinds of problems for a couple.