Book Review: If You Love Something by Jayce Ellis

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If You Love Something
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by Jayce Ellis
Publication Date December 28, 2021
Published by Harlequin
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Genres: Fiction / Romance / African American & Black, Fiction / Romance / Contemporary, Fiction / Romance / LGBTQ+ / Gay, Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Pages: 310
Format: ARC

"A lovingly drawn depiction of Black family dynamics." —Publishers Weekly on Learned Reactions

A marriage lost is found again in this cheeky new romantic comedy from acclaimed author Jayce Ellis.

As executive chef at one of the hottest restaurants in DC, DeShawn Franklin has almost everything he’s ever wanted. He’s well-known, his restaurant is Michelin starred and he can write his own ticket anywhere he wants. Until his grandmother calls him home and drops two bombshells:

1) She has cancer and she’s not seeking treatment.

2) She’s willing half her estate to DeShawn’s ex-husband, Malik.

Make that three bombshells.

3) That whole divorce thing? It didn’t quite go through. DeShawn and Malik are still married.

And when DeShawn’s shady uncle contests Grandma’s will, there’s only one path back to justice: play it like he and Malik have reconciled. They need to act like a married couple just long enough to dispense with the lawsuit.

Once DeShawn is back in Malik’s orbit, it’s not hard to remember why they parted. All the reasons he walked away remain—but so do all the reasons he fell in love in the first place.

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My Review:

If You Love Something by Jayce Ellis is an emotional, and a bit steamy MM romance that has one of the angstyest (might not be a real word, but it works for me here) romances that I’ve read in a while.  

DeShawn Franklin has almost everything he’s ever wanted to include being the executive chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant in DC.  He’s a local celebrity chef and he’s on his way to the success he’s always dreamed about.  Then his grandmother calls and tells him she has cancer and will not pursue treatment.  DeShawn is devastated by this news, but she goes on to tell him that he will inherit her home and his ex-husband Malik will inherit all her money.  And one more thing… His divorce from Malik seven years ago didn’t go through, and he’s actually still married to Malik!  

Malik never got over his marriage to DeShawn but has returned home to help his family with their restaurant business.  He never told his family about his marriage to DeShawn, mostly because it was over before he came out as a gay man.  Now he learns that his ex-husband’s grandmother has left him money in her will, and now her greedy son, Robert, is suing to overturn his mother’s will claiming Malik isn’t a real heir and he has coerced his mother into leaving all her money to Malik.  

Malik and DeShawn have not seen each other since their divorce, but now they must work together to make sure that Robert does not win the lawsuit.  And they have to pretend they are together again to make a stronger case against Robert.  As they spend time together sparks fly and they both begin to wonder why they ever left each other. 

I enjoyed the romance between DeShawn and Malik very much.  It was obvious from the beginning that they share a very strong love for each other and are true soulmates.  The book flew by and I never found the book dragging.  I enjoyed all the family members, especially the grandmother.  Malik’s family, who run their restaurant were enjoyable too.  

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance.  I received a complimentary copy of this book.  The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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  1. OMG…I can already imagine the angst from reading your review. Second chance romances always make me swoon and mad at once. Thank goodness for HEAs!